Thursday, April 20, 2006

Busy, busy.

It has been some time since I have had an update. Well a week or two at least.

Things have been very crazy around here lately. After the teachers strike work has been piled on. The year has not been extended and we are running around crazy trying to get everything done. We are done on the 28th. I am looking forward to it.

I am in year one of the Journalism-Print program at Niagara College and our first paper is out tomorrow, not only was I part of the editing team for our first issue, but I was also featured in an article as well. There is an article appearing that explains my quest and how I am doing so far. I am looking forward to seeing it in print tomorrow. I saw a part of the story written about me and it seems to focus on the fact that the major corporations have all turned me down and how has stepped up to the plate.

Current events class was interesting today. Our professor led a lecture on 'the new media' she took us through the history of the Internet and explained through various examples the power of the Internet. Before I knew it she had quotes from this very blog on the screen. The next slide - a massive blown out picture of yours truly. She asked me to speak to the class, It was a little intimidating being in front of the largest room on campus, but the faster I was up there the faster I could get my MASSIVE picture off the screen.

I talked a bit about how I set things up and how I wouldn't have been able to do this 10 years ago without the Internet. I rather enjoyed talking about Billionaire Nike CEO Phil Knight, the same man who pays Tiger Woods $20 million a year turning me down, and comparing him to Tom and the folks at and their naming me their good will ambassador and the $2500 that came along with it.

When you say Nike turned me down, everyone knows who you are talking about and isn't really surprised, when you say that's okay though because has come through in a big way, people are surprised and tend to say give who? and want to know more. I am more than happy to explain the idea behind the 'power of plenty.'

Things have died down, however I have yet to be able to check the PO box this week due to all the late nights at school and the post office closing at 5 p.m.

I have a few ideas I am working on as it would be nice to reach my goal by September, but I'm not holding my breath, I will do the best I can do, don't expect anything crazy anytime soon, I refuse to accept money from the "extreme" sites out there, like the 'fetish' website that contacted me. A random voice in the crowd today said I should just take the money. It will never happen, I would rather the project end today.

Here's hoping some of my ideas will pan out over the summer.

In the meantime, if anyone has Oprah or Ellen's cell phone numbers maybe you can give them a call and point their attention this way.


Anonymous LizU said...

I emailed Ellen with the link to your webpage and a short letter on who you are and what you are hoping to accomplish.. I hope everything works out for you.

7:43 AM  

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