Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some Numbers: Day 43

Number of days since I started this project: 43

Number of hits on site: 12,000 plus

Number of Radio Stations I have been a guest on: 15

Number of TV Newscasts I have been on: 1

Number of companies yet to reply:
(Click here to see who has yet to reply)

Number of print interviews this week:

Number of newspapers my story has appeared in:

Many in Canada, Including the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun and The Hamilton Spectator plus many more Thanks to the CP wire picking up my story.

Number of major Companies that have taken me up on my offer: 0

Number of companies to refer to me as "Ms.": 5

Number of Billionaires to hand sign a letter saying they can't help me out at this time:
1 (I love this and I hope it's his real signature)

Number of Adult websites to offer cash that I have turned down: 1

Number of dollars raised:
Thanks to, , the little guys and companies contacting me, $3289.75

This project has been more successful than I could have imagined just a few short weeks ago. I am almost a third of the way towards my initial goal, and who knows -I keep my fingers crossed- maybe The Donald, Oprah or Bill Gates will still drop me a line.

Thanks again to everyone who has stepped up and helped me out so far.


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